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Eat Local, Love Local, Be Local!

ChowChow Express isn't just about food delivery; it's a movement dedicated to supporting our Colorado community. Whether it's business lunches, team gatherings, or special events, we specialize in fulfilling large orders while offering lower fees to local restaurants. When you order from us, our drivers receive 100% of fees and tips, ensuring direct community support.
Every order you make fuels our mission to uplift our neighbors, friends, and our beloved community. We're committed to supporting local schools, non-profit organizations, and community-driven programs. Join us in transforming our community, one meal at a time.


Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the hospitality industry by providing a cost-effective, locally oriented-technology platform.

We aim to empower local businesses by offering a premium, locally-grown delivery platform, enabling them to thrive independently while directly supporting their clients. Our cooperative approach fosters community growth and sustains local delivery companies, creating a dynamic ecosystem that champions local entrepreneurship.

ChowChowExpress is more than just a delivery platform; it's a grassroots movement dedicated to supporting local businesses. We believe in transferring 100% of delivery fees and tips directly to our local delivery partners. Moreover, we strive to keep costs minimal for our partner restaurants and suppliers, ensuring they receive maximum benefit. Operated and owned by members of our local community, ChowChowExpress stands out as a preferred choice recommended by local restaurants, food vendors, and suppliers.

Corporate Responsibility

We staunchly oppose the unjust practice of imposing exorbitant fees on restaurants—charging between 30-35% or more than 15% and withholding half of drivers' commission and delivery fees. At Chow Chow Express, we firmly believe this behavior is akin to extortion. Our unwavering commitment to fairness drives us. Our platform empowers local businesses, cultivating enduring alliances between restaurants and their preferred delivery partners. Upholding stringent ethical standards, we champion the growth of vibrant local enterprises and foster respectful community partnerships.

Join us in making a real impact on our community – where every delivery contributes to the growth and sustainability of local businesses.

Eat local, Love Local, Be Local!


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